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The Visitors is one of those books that immediately grabbed my attention.  A subtle cover that reveals a smidgen of the story; a synopsis that gives just enough to pull me in, without saying too much.  Hell, yeah!  I was completely on board for The Visitors.

Catherine Burns took her time, slowly revealing the true nature of her characters.  Marion is introduced in a very subservient role – she is shy, timid and uncertain of herself.  As the story develops, we come to understand that there is more to Marion Zetland, a lot more.  My feelings concerning Marion fluctuated throughout the story:  sympathy, disgust, proud and fear.  There is so much more to her than meets the eye.  I love it when an author can create such a complicated character, one that I feel like I should connect with but just can’t trust.

The other characters made up a fabulous supporting cast.  They were normal-ish, realistic, our friends and neighbors.  These characters helped to reveal and conceal Marion’s true nature.  But The Visitors is Marion’s story, she is the star of the show.

I appreciate how Burns took her time, allowing the story to build.  I expected the story to move more quickly than it did, but I always appreciate a slow build.  I find a story that takes its time is much more interesting.  It allows me a chance to connect with the characters and take a meandering stroll through their lives.  Although with Marion around, I would have to keep one eye open.

I found that the ending of the book moved a bit too quickly.  I wanted to spend some more time in the wacky world of the Zetlands.  I suppose that is what everyone wants from a good book.

*4.5 Stars

The Visitors 

By Catherine Burns