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All of the magic and whimsy comes back in full force in the conclusion of this unique and captivating love story.  I loved the relationship between Kestrel and Aimee right from the start.  They were two children from very different lifestyles who became best friends.  Aimee was always drawn to the magic of the carnival, and Kestrel had the carnival deep in his soul.  These unlikely friends developed into something deeper, something more, something bright and dazzling.

Kes and Aimee’s relationship was never going to be easy.  Kes is a free spirit, a restless soul with energy to burn. He is a showman through and through.  He comes alive when he is performing in front of a stadium full of spectators.  He was made to perform, made for that lifestyle.  To take the carnival lifestyle away from Kes would be like snuffing out his internal light. 

Aimee is solid, she has a regular career; her life has order and stability.  She loves being a teacher and she’s worked hard to fulfill her dream.  But without Kes, her life is dull, drab, and lacks fire.

They both feel empty without the other, but someone has to give a little, make a sacrifice in order for their relationship to work out.  Can Kes live a happy life in Aimee’s world?  Can Aimee give up her career and travel with the carnival?

Kes wasn’t safe.  He wasn’t a sensible choice.  He made my heart race, and swoop, and die a little.  When I was near him, I burned.  When he was far away, my blood moved sluggishly, reluctantly, cooling without his heat.  Maybe we’d burn together.  But maybe, just maybe we’d fly.

I enjoyed seeing Kes and Aimee’s relationship develop and mature. Kes was making an effort to let Aimee in on some of the secrets that he’s kept hidden away.  He was also trying to vocalize his feelings for her more. Kes still had a quick temper, but Aimee could fight her own battles.  She wasn’t shy about yelling, arguing, and making her opinions known.  I don’t think Kes would’ve had it any other way. They had a passionate, fiery, and explosive relationship that seemed to work for them.

The setting of this book is absolutely perfect.  Jane Harvey-Berrick does an incredible job of making you feel a part of the carnival atmosphere.  I could almost smell the popcorn and cotton candy, and hear the music from the midway.  I would have to say that the characters are what makes this story so fantastic.  She has created a colorful bunch of people that you can’t help but love.  This group of carnies are more like family than friends.  They also offered a great deal of humor and sweetness (yes, sweetness) to the story.

I enjoyed every minute of Kes and Aimee’s love story.  It is a beautiful story that will stick with me for a long time to come.

*5 Stars*


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The Traveling Woman
​(Traveling Duet, #2)
By Jane Harvey-Berrick