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The Silence By Tim Lebbon

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​I’ve got my own kind of bucket list: authors that I haven’t read yet, who have a fantastic looking collection of works and whom I’ve heard a plethora of great things about.  I try to read one of these authors once in a while. Tim Lebbon fits the bill perfectly; when I read the synopsis for The Silence, I knew that was the one for me.

The apocalypse holds a special place in my heart, I love to see how others envision the end of the world as we know it.  But with all of the books, movies, etcetera in the genre, you have to do something special, something different to captivate me, otherwise it become the same old, same old that has been done a thousand times before.  Lebbon certainly captivated me. The premise was something completely new and different:  blind monsters released from the bowels of the earth to wreak terror and havoc in our world. You have to admire the author’s ingenuity and creativity.  This is something completely different!

Separating yourself from the pack is only step one.  I need more.  I need characters that pull me into the story, make me feel like I am right there alongside of them.  This is where Lebbon really shines.  I cannot fathom Ally’s world. I rely too heavily on my sense of hearing and verbal communication, sure, sometimes I am forced to use sign language in rush hour traffic, but only enough to get me into a fight and not out of it.  Somehow, Tim Lebbon made me feel integrated into Ally’s family. The back and forth between her and her father opened up the story and made it complete.  I was right there with them, feeling their horror and pain.

In The Silence, Tim Lebbon has given his readers something new and unique, with gripping characters. It has given me a taste for more.

* 5 Stars