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Where to begin with this book….it was absolutely breathtaking! It was so emotionally charged and thoughtful that I was mesmerized by it from the first page to the last. This is definitely an author that I will be watching out for in the future.

This is the story of Nastya Kashnikov. She has just moved a few hours away from her hometown to live with her aunt. She wants to get away from the people who know her and she wants to escape her past. Nastya is determined to keep everyone at a distance. She doesn’t want to have the normal teenage life. She does what she can to isolate herself from those around her. She has jet black hair, she wears way too much black make-up, and she dresses provocatively. This is all part of her new persona…but apart from her appearance, she doesn’t speak. This is her choice. She speaks to no one at all-Ever!

Josh Bennett lives a lonely life. Every family member that he has ever loved has been taken from him. He has no family left. Josh spends his time in his garage making beautiful furniture out of wood. Except for a long time childhood friend, Josh is a loner. People give him his space and he goes through his school days by himself. He busies himself with shop class and doing wood projects for the school.

Nastya is drawn to Josh Bennett. She is drawn to how he sits alone and unbothered on a bench at lunchtime with all of the hustle and bustle of high school all around him. He is quiet and handsome and garners no attention from the other students. When Nastya shows up in Josh’s garage he is surprised to say the least. He is not really sure why she is there or if he wants her there. She just keeps on showing up at his house. It annoys him at first, but he eventually gets used to her being there. They are two unfortunate souls that seem to be inexplicably drawn to one another.

She has secrets that she has been hiding from Josh. She doesn’t want him to know the horror that she faced and the reason why she is the way she is. They are two broken souls that come together in the most beautiful way. This story will have you feeling right along with the characters. It will have you thinking about them long after you’ve finished the book.

*5 Stars

The Sea of Tranquility 

By Katja Millay