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The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller is a beautiful, heartbreaking, emotional story that deals with some heavy topics, such as death, grief, bullying, and insecurities.  The story definitely tugged at my heartstrings and made me shed more than my share of tears, but the overall impression that I was left with was positive.  This story is not just about death and loss, it is about hope, letting go, loving, and living life to the fullest.

How can Aubrey Miller live her life to the fullest when death is always lurking nearby waiting to take someone else that she holds dear?  This is the heavy burden that Aubrey has on her shoulders.  She has experienced a great deal of loss in her young life.  She feels responsible for the deaths of her parents and sister, thinking that she should’ve been able to prevent them from happening.  The once happy, vibrant, loving young girl now wears her grief like a cloak in order to mask her feelings.  She has transformed herself from the blond, blue eyed girl into the black haired, goth style young woman who uses her appearance to keep people away from her – to protect them and keep them safe.  She has shut the door on the memories and the girl who was once Aubrey Miller.

Aubrey is starting university and trying to get by without having too many social interactions.  Even though she has disguised her looks in order to keep people away, her roommate is not easily put off by her looks.  Quinn is the polar opposite of Aubrey.  She is a bubbly, vivacious, beautiful pageant queen who has an affection for all things pink. Quinn has an infectious personality, and despite Aubrey’s best attempts, she can’t help but like Quinn.

When Aubrey meets Quinn’s Boarding Buddy, Kaeleb, she recognizes him immediately.  He is the best friend that she had to leave behind when her family passed away.  She is certain that he wouldn’t recognize her after all this time and with all of her make-up and piercings, but Kaeleb does remember her.  He never forgot his best friend.

The book is told from Aubrey’s perspective.  It follows her years in university and the bonds that she has made with Quinn and Kaeleb.  The three of them become inseparable, the best of friends, but even the most well-adjusted, seemingly happy people have things that drag them down. When Aubrey finally begins to believe that she can find some normalcy and happiness in her life again, life has a way of pulling the rug out from under her, leaving her spiraling back behind her mask.

The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller is a very well written book that will have you experiencing the pain and the joy along with the characters.  L.B. Simmons has created a wonderful and colorful cast of characters that I couldn’t help but love and become invested in.  As I mentioned previously, this book does deal with serious subject matter, but it is ultimately a feel good story that is brimming with hope, love, and life.

*5 Stars*


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The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller
By L.B. Simmons