The Red Seven By Robert Dean

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The Red Seven is a roller coaster ride of violence, violence and more violence.  Robert Dean has put a ton of unromanticized reality into the old fashioned western.  This is what I love about reading, an author who’s willing to take a tried, tested and true genre and throw some attitude into it.

The Red Seven is the story of a bounty hunter known as The Ghost.  He is driven by a blood thirsty vengeance to bring in the outlaw gang who murdered his family, dead or alive - preferably dead.

The Ghost is the centerpiece of the story.  As a reader, I felt his pain and his desire to avenge the death of his family.  Robert Dean has masterfully created The Ghost and his depth of character.  He is a good man with a darkness in his soul.  He straddles a fine line between good and evil.  He can do what a good man cannot, and the law abiding man will thank him for it.

One of the most interesting parts of The Red Seven was Robert Dean’s portrait of post-Civil War America.  He paints a very intense picture of a people whose souls are wounded and corrupted.  People no longer able to fit into society, living in a land where the fastest hand made the law.

If you love a tragic hero, you will find none better than The Ghost; if you are not a fan of The Western, you will be after The Red Seven.

*5 Stars