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The Passage

(The Passage Trilogy #1)

By Justin Cronin

​I’ve heard many great things about The Passage over the past few years, the timing was right, so, I decided to embark on this epic journey concocted by Justin Cronin.  I’ve got to tell you, I loved it.  This was one of those books that I opened up to read whenever I had a few minutes…or hours.

There were points in this story where I wondered what the hell is going on, but I was patient (easier said than done) and I allowed Cronin’s story to reveal itself to me.  I came to the understanding that Cronin was not writing a story but creating a world, an alternate universe where the shit has hit the fan and the wide-sweeping effects go beyond a handful of characters.

The Passage is not the sort of story you can read during your commute on the train or bus, you must become involved with the story.  Cronin has a Martin-esque respect for his characters, and I respect that in an author:  get me attached to someone, hurt me, make me feel.

Cronin has written a story that isn’t for everyone, no story is.  But he has written one for me.  If you love epic adventures in a world beyond your imagination, read The Passage.  If you want to sit down for an hour and complete a little adventure, The Passage is not for you.

The worst part of finishing The Passage is that my voyage came to an end.  The best part of finishing The Passage is that there are two more books just waiting for me to dive into.

*5 Stars