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The Paper Swan
 By Leylah Attar

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​With an intriguing synopsis and a stunning cover, The Paper Swan piqued my curiosity.  The synopsis certainly didn’t give anything away.  Apart from knowing that many fellow readers were thoroughly enjoying it, I went into it completely unaware of what was in store for me.

The book definitely hit the ground running.  It captured my attention right from the get-go and kept me flipping the pages with the need to find out more.   Skye Sedgewick was catapulted into a terrifying scenario.  Why is this happening to her?  Who is responsible?  What is going to happen?  These were some of the questions that were at the forefront of my thoughts.  They were also in Skye’s.

Skye grew up with a life of privilege.  She never lacked for anything of monetary value.  She was loved and doted on by her parents, living a life that many take for granted.  Her mother passed away when she was very young, but her father did his best to provide her with a nanny, a motherly figure to care for her in her formative years.  Skye spent her early years in the care of her nanny and developed a close bond with both her and her son.  The times spent with them were some of the happiest memories that she had.

While enduring a life threatening event, some say that the past comes back to mind - that memories flood our conscious thoughts and we relive some of our most treasured times.  Skye’s memories flashed back to her father’s kisses, her nanny’s lullabies, her best friend, and her childhood prayers.  These same memories took her away from her present situation and gave her somewhat of a reprieve.  They also may have saved her life.

Leylah Attar has written a gripping story that is filled with suspense, terror, heartbreak, and love.  A mixture of emotions, but all well warranted and needed to make this story the journey that it is.  She has created characters that you feel for, that you are rooting for.  She has even made a monster, who is driven by hatred and hell bent on revenge, seem more human, sympathetic, and worthy of redemption (although at times that was a tough pill to swallow).

I don’t want to give away too many details about the story.  The Paper Swan is a very well written book that blurs the lines between right and wrong, good versus evil, vengeance and forgiveness.  She doesn’t leave any stone unturned.  You come to understand the motives behind the crimes, the behavior, the pure hatred, and the lust for revenge. The story reaches far beyond the darker side that it exudes.  The author has woven together a great story of family, loyalty, love, and letting go.

*4 Stars*