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The Night Parade

By Ronald Malfi

Now, this!  This is exactly what I want to read!  Ronald Malfi covered just about every human emotion possible:  fear, apprehension, hope and hatred.  He made me laugh, and Goddamn it, he made me cry.  When I finished reading The Night Parade I gave myself a good swift kick in the buttocks for not having read Malfi until now.

The Night Parade follows David Arlen and his daughter, Ellie, as they run from the threat to his daughter’s future.  Ronald Malfi spends a lot of time slowly revealing the lives of David and his precious little girl.  As a father, I felt a connection with David.  Nothing and no one is more important than your child.  David was a noble character with the best of intentions and a few dark secrets that he tries to hide.

What really pulled me into the story from the start was the manner by which the author presented his story.  It starts out with David and Ellie on the run, then I was smacked with one of those “What?  What?  What?” moments.  This was followed by a flashback revealing the events that lead to David running.  The story continues like this, back and forth.  I loved the slow striptease of what had happened, there was a slow, deliberate revealing of what had happened to create this gripping adventure.

The Night Parade is an apocalypse like no other.  It is a story that pulled me in, shocked me and really made me question: what if?  I became at one with David, what happened to him, happened to me.  There are a lot of really good authors out there, but when one can make you feel that way, they are one of the greats.

*7 Stars