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The Lie is an emotional second chance love story that is not just about getting that second shot with a lost love from your past, but forgiving yourself and giving yourself permission to move on and live your life to the fullest.

Brigs and Natasha didn’t fall in love under ideal circumstances.  He was already married with one child, she was a university student studying for her master’s degree.  While they didn’t intend on falling in love, it happened just the same.  Brigs’ marriage had been on the rocks for years, but his feelings for Natasha were the catalyst for him to finally end it with his wife.  But confessing to his wife that he was in love with another woman didn’t result in a happily ever after for Brigs and Natasha.  His wife and son were killed in a devastating car accident, leaving Brigs drowning in guilt and heartbreak, and ending his relationship with Natasha before it even had a chance to truly start.

Over the next four years, Brigs and Natasha were both experiencing their own levels of hell.  They were both attempting to get their lives back, to carry on as best as they could – their guilt and grief never far from the surface.

When they see each other for the first time in four years, their feelings all rush back to the surface.  Yes, their relationship was wrong from the get-go, but as a reader, I wanted nothing more than for them to run into each other’s arms.  Of course, that didn’t happen, and I didn’t expect Karina Halle to give it to me in a pretty box with a red bow.  My point is, that despite the fact that Brigs was unfaithful (emotionally) to his wife during their marriage, I couldn’t help but want him to find his happiness with Natasha.  He wasn’t a bad guy.  He wasn’t the definition of a philandering skirt chaser.  He simply fell in love.

The Lie is a fast paced read that is as hopeful as it is heartbreaking.  I could feel the emotions right along with the characters.  Brigs and Natasha were just casualties of falling in love at the wrong time.  They were not reprehensible characters or home-wreckers.  Trust me, if you’re on the fence about this book because of the subject matter, don’t be, you will be keeping your fingers crossed for Brigs and Natasha to get their happily ever after.

*4 Stars

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The Lie - By Karina Halle