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The Last Girl By Joe Hart

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Of all the viruses that could lead to the extinction of humanity, this one takes the cake. No more baby girls. I can’t think of a more prolonged, hopeless way for people to be wiped from the face of the earth.  To say that I was intrigued was an understatement.  Government conspiracies, people being reduced to test subjects.  Where do I sign up!

Joe hart did a fabulous job of building Zoe’s character.  As a reader, I was pulled into her life of captivity and I was appalled at how people could (and most likely would) reduce the lives of the few remaining young women to prisoners and guinea pigs. I connected with her need to rebel, escape, to find a better, more human life.

The story was well written, it had a good flow and I really got into the inventive twist that Joe Hart has put on his apocalypse. It was something new and different, it stands out as possible and plausible in the dystopian genre.

While the virus was unique and the protagonist very well written, there were certain elements of The Last Girl that I felt like I’ve seen before. There was a bit from Fahrenheit 451 that left me wondering, “But why?” And the whole bland uniform that seems so prevalent in dystopian books.  I get that it is a unifying factor that removes individualism, plus there is the practical aspect.  But giving these girls yellow dresses would have helped to separate The Last Girl from the rest of the pack that little bit more.

All in all, The Last Girl is an excellent book with an intriguing concept.  There was a smooth flow to the plot and a diverse cast of characters that pulled me into the story.

4 Stars