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Spider!  Want to scare the crap out of someone?  Just yell Spider!  I can’t really say that I am afraid of spiders, but …there is just something unnatural about them.  The eight legs, the way that they move, eat; they just don’t fit into my normal world.  I guess that’s why spiders have been objects of fear for so many years, along with all of the other creepy crawlies that scurry out of the cracks and crevices of our world.

Ezekiel Boone has done a marvelous job of capitalizing on this irrational fear (I call it irrational, because let’s be honest, we can easily crush those little monsters).  He has created an entirely new spider, one that is completely different from any other spider I have ever met.  These spiders are insatiable, fearless and scary as hell.  He has created a scenario where these little monsters are possible.  Could there be spiders that have been dormant for ten thousand years?  Could they just be waiting for the time to be right to claim their place as the dominant hunter?  Ezekiel Boone has done his homework on his eight and six legged freaks, and the possibility brings the story closer to home.

The Hatching was Arachnophobia meets 2012 meets Independence Day.  I normally like a little more uniqueness to my stories, but Ezekiel Boone has woven them all together seamlessly in a gripping story that captured my attention.

Will I read book 2?  Absolutely…with a rolled up newspaper and thick soled shoes!

*4.5 Stars 

The Hatching

By Ezekiel Boone