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Don’t do it.

Don’t ruin your marriage and family. 

This can’t work out.

Just walk away and forget about it.

These were just a few of the thoughts that were swimming around in my head as I began to read this book.  But I went into it knowing full well what it was going to be about.  I knew it was going to hurt, possibly rip my heart to shreds, but like the angst junkie that I am, I held my breath and jumped right it.

Mirella is in her thirties, married to her high school sweetheart, a mother to two adorable little girls, and a teacher.  Her life isn’t unlike many women’s lives today.  Her life is based on routine, it’s busy, it’s normal, it’s predictable – and somewhat monotonous.  This is what I loved about this character.  She wasn’t perfect, she had insecurities, and she was a down to earth person.  She could be your neighbor, your friend, a relative or a co-worker…she could even be you.

When Mirella and her husband, Gabe, have an unexpected dinner with another couple, they are unaware of what this chance meeting is going to do to their lives.  Weston and Bridget are a beautiful, successful, wealthy couple who seem to have the picture perfect marriage and lives.  What Mirella and Gabe don’t realize is that this perfect couple has some very unconventional rules regarding their marriage and sex life. But don’t worry, they find out soon enough.

When Mirella and Gabe are given an indecent proposal by Weston and Bridget, they are shocked, flattered, and admittedly turned on by the prospect of being chosen as sexual partners by this gorgeous couple that they both seem to connect with.  Their better senses may warn them against doing anything that will jeopardize their marriage, but the thrill and excitement and lust does intrigue them.

This is the point where I was gripping my Kindle tightly, shaking my head, and cringing.  The whole scenario was just a train wreck waiting to happen…and I personally, could not pull myself away from it! They both may agree to try this arrangement, but jealousy will always be present, feelings will always get in the way, and rules that were put in place to safeguard, were there to be broken. 

The Ground Rules is a very provocative and edgy book that made my heart race from start to finish.  I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading it, and I found myself thinking about it when I wasn’t reading it.  It is wildly addictive and kept my emotions running rampant throughout the story.  I always enjoy being entertained by a book that pushes my own personal beliefs and boundaries and thrusts me into the lives of the fictional characters.

Roya Carmen did an incredible job of writing this story in such a way that the reader feels as though they are experiencing the rush of emotions right along with the characters.  The Ground Rules certainly put my heart through the emotional wringer and had me devouring this book in record time.  I am already anxiously awaiting the next book in this series!

*5 Stars*


The Ground Rules
 By Roya Carmen