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The Girl with All the Gifts

By M.R. Carey

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Please sir, may I have another?  That is how I felt after reading The Girl with All the Gifts.  This is one of the best books that just hit me perfectly in all the right places.  I laughed, I cried, where do I find the t-shirt?

The Girl with All the Gifts is one of those cases where, with respect to the synopsis, less is more.  I read the synopsis and was immediately pulled in.  I skipped the reviews (someone was bound to give away a key detail and ruin my voyage), and it ended up being the next book that I read.

Right from the start, this book grabbed me by the balls and it never let go.  I was trapped in Carey’s story and I could not get it out of my mind.  This book is listed at 435 pages, and I could have easily read 1000 pages of this and still been captivated.

As you may notice, I am being deliberately vague regarding the story.  The way I see it, the author put so little into the synopsis, if I say anything about the plot it would be disrespectful to the author who was being deliberately vague in the synopsis for a reason.  The Girl with All the Gifts should be experienced in its purist, unspoiled form, with its secrets slowly revealed to its readers as designed by M.R. Carey.

M.R. Carey’s books have taken a sudden jump up in priority on my TBR.  Give.  Me.  More.  Books.  Like.  This.

*7 Stars