You know it when you read it, The One.  That book that will stick with you, not just for a couple of weeks or until your next five star book, but the one that will be in your head for years to come.  The Fireman is that book.

The Fireman brought me back in time in a funny sort of way.  Unlike a lot of people in the book community, I was not a big reader as a child.  A friend of mine once suggested that I try The Clan of the Cave Bear, my eyes locked onto that 500 page book and my mind said I can’t do that.

My, oh my, how things have changed.  It was grade ten English class that gifted me with a love of the written word.  Mr. Killen, every student should be blessed with an English teacher like Mr. Killen.  He was a John Keating (Dead Poet’s Society) type of person, his love of reading was infectious; he made Shakespeare seem like the same language that I spoke at home.  He introduced me to one of the best dystopian books that I’ve ever read, Fahrenheit 451.

The Fireman is not Fahrenheit 451.  It is unique, but like Fahrenheit 451, the themes are deep, important and relevant.  Joe Hill has created a masterpiece that deserves to be covered in school.  It is a thought provoking book that has all of the necessary elements to capture the attention of a classroom full of unruly teenagers.

I know that some people may look at The Fireman and all of its 768 pages, and they will be intimidated by the size.  But trust me, a great author like Joe Hill can make those pages fly by.  The best part of a book like this is the investment, Harper and John are not just characters in a book, they became part of my life.  Joe Hill took his time and developed his story and characters.  This is what makes all the difference between a good book and an unforgettable story.

The Fireman is a five-star alarm fire!

*5 stars

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The Fireman

By Joe Hill