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This book gave me exactly what I was looking for! What was that exactly? Well, it was emotional, smart, witty, angst filled, and had fantastic characters. I loved the fact that this book was written from both of the character’s perspectives. As a reader, it gives me a better understanding into the minds of the characters and what makes them tick.

January Cooper is a rich and spoiled debutante who appears to have everything a girl could possibly want. Wrong. In a heartbeat, January’s world comes crashing down around her, changing her life completely. The rug gets pulled out from under her in more ways than one and January is forced to rely on herself and her own strength to pull herself back up.

Despite the fact that January comes across as self-absorbed and spoiled, I loved her character. She is smart, sarcastic, and a hell of a lot stronger than people give her credit for. Throughout the book, my heart broke for her. Just because she seemed to have it all doesn’t mean that she had everything that she needed. She was a sad, lonely, lost young woman who was searching for love and acceptance.

Christian Cutlass has already lost what mattered most to him. He is not the man that he once was. He is merely existing. He goes to university, works, drinks and repeats. He struggles on a daily basis with guilt and lost opportunities. I couldn’t help but fall in love with this character. He was hurt, broken, and so real in his emotions.

This is not your average cookie cutter romance. When January and Christian meet, there is an immediate attraction between them, but their relationship is certainly not all lollipops and dancing unicorns! They do develop a friendship and seem to grow to like each other, but even that is not without a lot of bickering and problems. I enjoyed their sarcastic banter, they definitely don’t hold anything back. They may appear to be different and come from very different backgrounds, but essentially they are just two people who want to feel whole again.

When a book can take me on a journey and make me feel a gamut of emotions… that is what I call an amazing book!

* 5 Stars*

The Fall of January Cooper
 By Audrey Bell