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The Dover Demon is a fantastic monster story.  The citizens of the sleepy town of Dover, Massachusetts have had these monsters living right under their noses for years.  These monsters were first spotted in 1977, and now they’re back for what they have claimed as their own.

I love what Hunter Shea has done with this story.  What does a horror author do when he or she wants a monster?  They can create a completely new monster and try to scare their readers with that.  While this can work, the monster lacks the fear inspiring history that is built into our human consciousness.  The author can also use one of the standby, or stock monsters, but let’s be honest, vampires and zombies have been done to death.  Hunter Shea has gone above and beyond following in the footsteps of Bram Stoker, he has taken an urban myth and built an intricate story out of a chance sighting from nearly forty years ago.  This monster is real, tangible and frightening.  There are still people around today who saw it…or are they?

Hunter Shea has created a great cast of characters for his story.  Each one has his or her own personal demon that they must overcome.  They are all intricately developed and I was able to relate to them.  This always helps in pulling a reader into a story.  Just like with a good horror film, I found myself saying, “Don’t go there!” or “Run!”

Hunter Shea gets horror, and knows how to make it work.  The Dover Demon makes me want to read more by this author.

*5 Stars

The Dover Demon By Hunter Shea