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I’ve got a ton of Amy Cross books on my Kindle.  It amazes me how quickly she pumps out so many great looking books with unique and innovative synopses.  It’s about bloody time I read one.

So, I decided to start with The Disappearance of Katie Wren.  The idea of a frantic mother searching the streets of London for her missing daughter was an intriguing one.  I love a dark, mysterious book with sinister overtones.  A perfect place to start.

Amy Cross crafted a captivating story.  The Disappearance of Katie Wren is a fast-paced tour of the underbelly of London.  I was pulled into the search for Katie, I think that I wanted to find her as much as her mum did.

Katie’s mum, Winifred Wren, carries the story.  Winifred was the perfect character, a widow from small town England.  I could picture my own mother in the role.  She was a naïve, bumbling woman overwhelmed but somehow not intimidated by the big city.  She offered just the right amount of comic relief to the story.

Although the story could use a thorough proofing, it was a fun read and I will not hesitate to read more books by Amy Cross.

*4 Stars

The Disappearance of Katie Wren 

By Amy Cross

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