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​Jason Mott is a new-to-me author.  The Crossing grabbed my attention, I was pulled in by the premise and I loved the tone and atmosphere created by the author.

The Crossing has to be one of the most eloquently written books I’ve ever read.  There is an elevated quality to the writing that sets it apart from other books, I would almost call it poetic in nature.  Sometimes this sort of thing can turn me off of a book, but in this case, it perfectly reflected the protagonist.  This story is told from Virginia’s point of view, she is a special girl, who was not always able to balance along the line between brilliance and redeemable human being.  Her imperfection made her a captivating character.

I love a dark book, one that doesn’t always promise the beloved HEA.  Do I want everything to work out in the end?  Absolutely!  But an author who is willing to risk an “as good as it could have been” ending has my admiration and respect.

If I had to have one criticism of The Crossing it would have to be the supporting cast.  I just didn’t feel like Mott allowed them to be themselves.  Each and every one seemed to have the same gravitas in their thoughts and speech as Virginia.  I would have preferred the dialogue to be a bit more unique for each character.

I enjoyed The Crossing, it’s not the type of book that I want to read all of the time, but sometimes the dark makes the light shine that much brighter.

*4.5 Stars

The Crossing

By Jason Mott

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