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This is a friends-to-lovers story that spans over the course of several years. It is the story of young love, of soul mates, who despite a painful separation and distance, have held on to their love for one another.

Charlotte and Nathan grew up together.  Their families are about as close as two families can be.  Being a couple of years older than Charlotte, Nathan has always been very protective of her.  This role seemed simple enough until Charlotte began to transform from a young girl into a young woman.

When Charlotte and Nathan’s feelings develop from friendship to love, their young romance seems set in the stars.  They are meant to be.  They are a perfect fit.  When a serious health issue separates the young couple, their relationship is reduced to Skype chats and text messages.  Charlotte and Nathan feel the strain in their separation.  She misses being with him, but she has her health to contend with.  Nathan is lonely without Charlotte, but he attends parties and drinks in order to get by.

When an unfortunate mishap at a drunken party occurs, Nathan is ashamed, humiliated, and disappointed that he let it happen.  Charlotte is made aware of what happened with Nathan and can’t believe that he would do that to her.  This event seems to solidify Nathan’s resolve to distance himself even more from Charlotte. He feels as though he is simply not worthy of a girl like her.  He has let her down.  He moves ahead with his life and joins the Navy.

Charlotte continues to write letters to Nathan.  She tells him what is going on in her life and expresses her feelings to him. Nathan’s replies are essentially nonexistent.  She writes to him regardless of his lack of return correspondence, but she is growing leery of his feelings for her.  She doesn’t understand why he hasn’t kept in touch, or why he has just disappeared from her life.

Jen Frederick does a great job of making you feel all of the emotions right along with the characters. My heart was breaking for Charlotte. I could feel the pain and loss of such a significant person in her life.  Without any reasonable explanation, he removed himself from her life and she was having difficulty getting over him.  Nobody could fill the hole in her heart that he left behind.

​When Charlotte and Nick see each other again after many years, their feelings are all put on the table. Charlotte and Nathan have both held onto a love for each other, but can everything from the past be forgiven and forgotten?  Can they get back what they lost?  Will their love get a second chance?

This is a great book about true love, forgiveness, and second chances.  It is not only an emotional story, but it is also romantic, sexy, endearing, and hopeful.

*4.5 Stars*

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The Charlotte Chronicles
(Jackson Boys #1) 
By Jen Frederick