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​I’ve always been a sucker for a good old-fashioned apocalypse.  There are very few that are more old- fashioned than the Book of Revelation.  Christopher Mari has gone with his own interpretation of the aftermath, as told by John.  All right, I’m on board, let’s go!

Mari set his story fifty years after The Apocalypse; humanity has moved on, re-growing and re-building.  He has created a unique world which firmly plants itself within the dystopian genre.  I got something that I didn’t quite expect.  I’m all for exploring the aftermath of Revelation, but put it out there.  I want to see that, but let me know what it is that I am getting.  I felt that the synopsis hid the true content of the story.

For whatever reason I just didn’t connect with Mari’s characters.  They felt like two-dimensional cut-outs thrust into what should have been a captivating story.  It goes to show how important your characters are; without a connection, I tend to drift off as a reader, without a connection to the characters, I am not tethered to the story.

In the end, The Beachhead was a great concept, however, it lacked the extra finer points that make a book great.  Would I give Mari a second chance?  With all of the great books out there, I’m not so sure.  You only get one chance to make a first impression.

*3.5 Stars


The Beachhead

By Christopher Mari

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