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The Kidpocalypse is upon us!  How did it start?  Where did it come from?  An arcade game!  As a father, I’ve seen video games turn my mild mannered, polite child into a raging monster on many occasions – the language, the throwing of controllers, the death stare at the suggestion that he go outside and play.  Adam Millard takes this concept and allows the little hellions to run wild.

First and foremost for me in any great story are the characters.  Jamie Garrett is an intricately developed young man, he’s not perfect, but when push comes to shove he steps up to put his skills to use to save the world, or at least his own little town of Hemsby.  The supporting cast play off of Jamie to highlight his strengths and weaknesses, as well as some much needed and perfectly placed comic relief.

The story itself was very well paced.  Adam Millard took his time to set the scene while keeping me engaged.  Once it hit the fan, it was no holds barred.  The non-stop action really highlighted the chaos of the Kidpocalypse.

The Bad Game is a fun little vacation from the everyday.  It’s filled with bad decisions and monsters that just won’t stop.  And isn’t that what old time horror is all about?

*4 Stars

The Bad Game By Adam Millard