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The 13th Prophet is a short story set in the future, where people wear personalities that change with the seasons, like we change our wardrobes.

Mulligan Burke is a private investigator who has been hired to investigate the apparent murder of one of the prophets. It reads as a suspense/mystery. The short story does not do the suspense/mystery justice. There isn’t enough time and space for it to work.

But The 13th Prophet is not a suspense/mystery. T. Lucas Earle is making a commentary on how superficial we are as a society. In this respect, he has done an excellent job. Earle has truly conveyed how we as a society bow down to the style that we are told to follow.

The 13th Prophet is not my typical type of book. I normally read for fun and entertainment, if I want to get a morals lecture, I will call my mother. At the same time I can appreciate how well the author has conveyed his message.

3.5 Stars

The 13th Prophet 

By T. Lucas Earle