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This is Book 2 of the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot series.  In it we follow Brad as he leaves the safety of the customs facility that he and his men reinforced in Book 1.  Brad wants to get home to his friends and family and is willing to take the risks necessary to achieve this goal.

I really enjoy it when an author can take the apocalyptic scenario and really make it unique and his (or her) own.  Lundy has done this.  The infected (or primals, as he refers to them) are not your traditional zombies; they are more like wild animals that push forward on very basic instincts.  They appear to be better able to make simple decisions and are capable of splitting into smaller, more efficient hunting groups.

But what really pulls this book together is Lundy’s ability to go beyond the story and make it all cohesive.  His dialogue goes from the exceptional rawness that we might expect from military personnel who are trapped in a life or death situation, but there is a message of cooperation that is found here as well.

“They are demons.  We are being punished for our actions,” Hasan said.  “These days will not end until we learn to work together and stop fighting each other.” 

“And if that never happens?” asked Brad. 

“Then we all die,” Hassan answered. 

I will be diving into Only the Dead Live Forever very soon.  I am looking forward to following Brad on his journey home and hopefully his reunion with his loved ones.

*4.5 Stars

Tales of the Forgotten 

By W.J. Lundy