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Whoa! This book was completely different from other romance books that I have read lately. The whole concept was so jaw dropping, shocking, and just plain hot! Oh, I was anxiously awaiting this book’s release. The characters were fabulous, the story was fresh, and it was just a great read! Better get an ice cold drink and a fan before starting this book!

Let me start off by saying that this is one of my favorite book covers – EVER! I don’t think that S.L. Jennings could have chosen anything or anyone better! He was exactly what I pictured Justice Drake to look like as I was reading Taint, right down to the very subtle smirk that touched his lips…perfect!

When I first heard that this book was going to be released, I was excited. I am a fan of this author’s writing, so I figured that it was going to be good. When I read the synopsis for the first time, I am sure that my mouth was gaping open. It was different, very sexual, blunt, and sizzling. I love the fact that the story was written from the male character’s point of view. It made it that much better.

The characters were definitely very well done, right down to the other socialites in the sex class. Justice Drake is something else. He is mysterious, crass, overtly sexual, but he is also lonely. Oh, he can get almost any woman that he wants, but he lives his life without forming too many personal connections. His past has created the man that he is today. Despite his cool demeanor and attitude, you end up feeling for him and caring about him.

Ally is a rich socialite who most people would roll their eyes at. She knows that her husband is a lying, panty-chasing, good for nothing cheater, but she stays with his sorry butt. What made me like her was that she was really a normal lady just playing the part of the perfect wife. She had loved her husband and was just going through the motions, hoping that maybe he would change and be the man that she truly wanted him to be. She has a strong personality, fiery red hair, freckles, she loves ice cream, greasy food, and she can recite lines from the television show, Friends. How can you not like her?!  She was a real woman who just wanted and deserved real love.

I won’t get into too many of the details of the story. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed by this book. I read it in less than a day. It is unique, steamy, and entertaining. Everyone deserves a lobster in their life.

Grab this book and hit the beach…you will definitely need to cool down after reading this book!!!

5 Stars

Taint - By S.L. Jennings