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Quentin Wallace has created an intriguing little tale about a novelist and his battle with the forces of darkness.  Paul Hoover’s unexpected inheritance has not only brought him the freedom to pursue his passion, but it comes with a heavy cross to bear.

Sweetgum Ridge has an interesting concept that immediately caught my interest; “rustic home, dark secrets, evil spawned in Hell itself, a novel of extreme horror.”  What more could I want from a book?

From my perspective, Sweetgum Ridge was a victim of not enough, too quickly.  Quentin Wallace had some really great concepts and ideas, and Paul and The Deacon were well developed characters; it’s just that the story needed some additional time to develop and brew, while the presentation needed some tender loving care.

Sweetgum Ridge wasn’t a horrible book, it had a lot of promise that wasn’t completely fulfilled.

*3 Stars

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Sweetgum Ridge

 By Quentin Wallace