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This book was highly entertaining! It was told from the male character’s perspective which was both different and refreshing.

The characters in this book are so good….you just have to keep reading!

It is the story of Sebastian and Raine. Sebastian is a schooner captain who makes his living by taking rich people on cruises

throughout the Caribbean. He has a dangerous past that he is trying to distance himself from. He is an arrogant, potty-mouthed, prostitute-buying, alcoholic…the list could go on and on! Needless to say, he would be very hard to get along with for any length of time. Raine is a beautiful young woman who decides to treat herself to a nice relaxing vacation. She has experienced a terrible loss in the past year and needs to get away and unwind. Unfortunately for Raine, it just happens to be on his ship!

The weather takes a turn for the worse and the ship can’t seem to steady itself…it capsizes! Some of the passengers are saved and are on one of the life rafts with Sebastian’s friend and co-worker. Sebastian makes it out of the ship later to find the life raft gone and one remaining. He gets away from the ship and then he hears something in the water…Raine. He saves her and they end up on the life raft for days! This is where it gets…interesting. He is angry, tired, hot, and he is going through alcohol withdrawal! He is so mean and nasty to her…even though he does find her appealing. Personally, I might rather jump off the side of the raft and be shark bait!! Oh, he is useful though. He has amazing survival skills that come in handy when they are faced with dehydration, starvation, sun burn, etc.

They get to know each other during this “adventure” and there is a definite chemistry between them. Sebastian doesn’t really end up being all bad, he is somewhat of a tortured soul and you end up feeling for him. This book is a wild ride that will have you turning the pages quickly so that you can see what’s going to happen next! This is not your average love story….this is an intense, exciting read.

It was a complete novel, however, it kind of suggested that there could be a sequel…I hope that there is another book because I would love to know what happens to Bastian and Raine.

5 Stars

Surviving Raine - By Shay Savage