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Sugar on the Edge (Last Call Series)
By Sawyer Bennett

A grumpy, scotch-swilling author with a penchant for dirty talk and even dirtier actions.

A sweet young photographer who is down on her luck and just trying to get by.

Sound good? It was amazing!

Gavin Cooke takes grumpy, rude, and mean to a whole new level. Coming face to face with a man like him would probably intimidate anybody – male or female. Savannah Shepherd is not prepared for her meeting with the famous author, she only wants to get another house cleaning job to help her pay the bills. What she gets is a lot more than she ever bargained for. He offers her an exuberant amount of money to clean his new house, but she will also have to put up with his gruff nature in the process (gruff is an understatement).

The sexual chemistry and tension between Gavin and Savannah was wickedly intense (sighs and fans herself). Oh, he is a dirty boy and he earned his nickname, “Filthy” – that’s for sure! I enjoyed the banter and the sparring off between the two characters. He could be so rude and blunt that I would actually cringe while I was reading it, but then he could also say some of the most romantic and poetic things and I would be swooning right along with her.

I love how their relationship developed. It might have been an immediate attraction, but it did take some time before they jumped into anything. Despite his harsh personality, you really end up caring for Gavin. He is harboring a great deal of pain that has been festering within him for a long time. Savannah and Gavin start to realize that maybe their personalities do compliment one another. Maybe her “Sweet” to his “Filthy” is just what the other one needs. Oh, and don’t be too fooled by Savannah, she has a wild side to her as well!

This book will definitely entertain you from start to finish. It is a fun, humorous, emotional, romantic and hot story that is full of fantastic characters. If you’re like me, and you enjoy a brooding alpha male, then this is definitely the book for you. Gavin and Savannah’s story will make you mad, make you smile, make you cry (yes, I got teary eyed) and make you blush.

Oh, and one final recommendation…make sure that you have a fan or air conditioner before reading this book…you’ll need it! ;)

*5 Stars*