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Sudden Death Overtime

By Steve Vernon 

Sudden Death Overtime has a great pull and concept.  Northern Labrador would be an idyllic setting for vampires, especially in the winter with the reduced daylight hours and the isolation from large populations - with all of the police, cameras and media that goes along with major cities.  The vampires can go from town to town taking their victims before any organized resistance could be mounted.

Now, you find yourself living in this small, isolated community in Northern Labrador, how do you fend off this undead horde?  Old time hockey!  The speed of steel on ice and handy dandy wood hockey sticks (perfect for staking blood-thirsty vampires).  Sudden Death Overtime presented a level-ish battlefield for this battle of the ages.

Steve Vernon has done a great job of creating a horror/comedy.  He has built up evil villains that have existed for generations and pitted them against a trio of grumpy old men with nothing left to lose.  The gore and raw comedy were well balanced for one another.

I felt that there was a bit more that could have been done with the story.  A bit more depth with the vampires would have been nice; and the ending was a little too convenient for my taste. Overall, I was entertained by the story and even found my voice lilting as I read the dialogue.

If you are looking for a light, fun read, Sudden Death Overtime could be a great goal in the five hole.

*3.5 Stars

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