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Shelby Gayle had been mistreated her whole life. She went from being raised by neglectful and abusive parents to being in a relationship with a man who was just as bad as dear old Dad. After years of abuse, Shelby feared that she had lived her last day, but one horrific event changed the course for Shelby. She finally found freedom.

Strong is the story of a woman who has finally broken free of the hold that anyone has had on her. This is her time to reinvent herself, to find peace, to rely on herself, to find some semblance of a normal life. A normal life is something that has always been out of Shelby’s grasp. It’s something that she deserves to have after all that she has had to endure.

Shelby Gayle was stronger than she realized. She left her ramshackle of a travel trailer with next to nothing to her name, hopped on a bus to make a fresh start, and hoped for the best. With no destination in mind, Shelby finds herself in the small town of Independence, Utah. Sounds like the perfect stop for a newly independent woman.

With the help of some local townspeople, Shelby is employed, has a roof over her head, and is on her way to making some money of her own. The people that she has encountered in this small town have been a godsend for Shelby. They have accepted her with open arms. Shelby is often shocked and amazed at the kindness of these strangers. Having always been treated poorly by the people who were supposed to love and care for her the most, she can’t fathom even the simplest acts of humanity that these new acquaintances offer her.

It was very easy to become invested in Shelby’s story. She was the type of character that you wanted to see succeed and to find happiness. The other characters in Strong were equally as good. They offered the uniqueness and community spirit that is often prevalent in small towns.

Wolf Garrison was 100% alpha male. With a name like Wolf, how could he be anything but! He owns a bar, rides a motorcycle, he’s tough as nails, but he is a good, well-intentioned man. Having experienced heartbreak in the past, Wolf had vowed to keep his heart closed and off limits. He never truly believed that he would meet anyone who would change his mind…until he met Shelby.

Wolf and Shelby have great chemistry. Neither of them are looking for a relationship, but there is an immediate attraction between them. Wolf feels a need to be Shelby’s protector, he knows she’s been hurt and is vulnerable. When Shelby’s life is put in danger and her past comes back and threatens her future, Wolf is determined to keep her safe.

Strong is a fast paced story that kept my interest throughout. It is filled with great characters, drama, and romance. This book was emotional, heartbreaking, hopeful, and well written. This was my first experience reading a book by Kendal Waller, but I will be looking forward to reading more by her in the future.

*4.5 Stars*

Strong - By Kendal Waller