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There are three things that I should tell you about this book:

1. It is extremely fast-paced.
2. I was never sure who I believed or who I could trust.
3. I never saw the twist coming.

I was in the mood for a psychological thriller, and this one certainly did not disappoint.  It pulled me in right from the beginning and held my rapt attention until the final page.  It is a clever, intricate, well-plotted story that I am still unable to shake.

The book switches between the "Now" after Amber is in the coma, but she can hear everything that is going on around her, to "Then" which leads up to her bedridden state, and “Before” which is entries from her childhood diaries from 1992.  I loved the back and forth between these timelines.  It not only gave me glimpses into her life and relationships, but it also moved the story along at a lightning-fast speed.

Amber doesn’t remember what happened to her.  She tries desperately to piece together what had transpired leading up to her injuries.  She isn’t sure who she can trust, including her own husband.  As Amber begins to unravel the events of her recent days as well as her past, it makes the reader question the validity, accuracy, and truth of Amber’s memories and thoughts.  With every new bit of information that was uncovered, I found myself second guessing everything that I had come to believe. 

Since I’m an avid reader, I like to pride myself at being quite good at figuring out the twists in these types of books, but with every turn of the page, every new discovery, I felt like a bumbling amateur sleuth trying to figure this story out.  Nothing makes me happier than when I am completely thrown for a loop during a psychological thriller.  I want to gasp, re-read sections, shake my head in utter disbelief, and have my jaw drop to the floor.  Alice Feeney made me do all those things.  She had me completely fooled – and I loved it!

*4.5 Stars

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Sometimes I Lie
By Alice Feeney