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This is a return visit to Iceland for me.  A new author, a new setting with a new protagonist and a whole new set of problems.  I enjoyed my first couple of literary visits to Iceland, so I thought that it was about time to explore a little bit more of the island.

Siglufjordur, a small community in the extremities of Iceland.  The setting of Snowblind struck a chord with me in some peculiar ways.  It amazes me how no matter where you go in the world - different cultures, languages - small towns are all the same.  Aside from the bitter cold and extreme isolation, Siglufjordur could be small town America.  A place where everyone knows everyone’s business, and if you aren’t from there, you will always be “from away”.  This comfort level with the small town helped me ease my way into the lives of the residents of Siglufjordur and enjoy the evil web of lies and deceit that flourish in a small town.

Ragnar Jonasson has created a fabulous cast of characters for his story.  Ari Thor has some baggage.  I love a character with baggage.  The supporting cast covered everything you could want in a good story:  comic relief, intrigue and even a little bit of sexy time rounded out a captivating mystery/thriller.

In the end, I really enjoyed Snowblind.  It had some great twists and kept me guessing, complete with a bonus surprise at the end.  I just felt like it was lacking something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  Would I read more from Ragnar Jonasson?  Absolutely!

*4 Stars


By Ragnar Jonasson

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