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This book took me by surprise. I am not a big fan of supernatural or paranormal books. I have read and enjoyed a few, but they’re not generally my “go-to” genres. I am a curious woman, some might call it nosey…but I prefer curious. I wanted to read this book ever since I found out that this was Tracey Ward’s favorite book (that she has written). Well, as it turns out…I do like supernatural books!

This book was not an over-the-top supernatural book. Oh, the characters did possess a special kind of ability or power, but it was nothing that made me huff or roll my eyes. It is essentially a love story between two people who meet in the most unusual way. Their relationship is as unique as they are. I love it when an author switches back and forth from each character’s point of view. I want to know what each character is thinking and feeling. I want to know what makes them both tic.

Alex has the ability to “slip”. When she falls asleep she has the ability to be transported somewhere else. She isn’t just sleep walking, she actually leaves her bed in her apartment and can turn up anywhere….Russia, Washington State, Texas, a cave, etcetera. She has to sleep in her clothes and shoes and she always has her phone, money and i.d on her. She learned this lesson the hard way! She has no control over this power. She doesn’t “slip” every time she falls asleep, but when she does she can be gone for days at a time. This prevents her from having any kind of a real life. She can’t hold down a job, she is dependent on her older sister and she doesn’t have any friends…until she meets Nick.

Nick is training to be a PJ in the military. It has been his lifelong ambition. He is ideal for it. He is brave beyond compare. He shows no fear, he can’t feel fear. Everyone in his training unit thinks that he is some kind of a prodigy/machine because he never exhibits any worry or concern about the dangerous missions that they have to participate in. He doesn’t consider himself to be brave, he considers himself to be a fraud because of his lack of fear.

As I previously mentioned, Alex and Nick meet in an unusual way. They continue to have encounters and develop a friendship. Nick is a closed off person. He isn’t easy to get to know, but he eventually starts to really talk to Alex instead of avoiding her questions. They end up looking forward to their encounters and develop feelings for one another. I don’t want to give the details of the story away. Even though this isn’t your run of the mill romance, it will have you “feeling the love”. I thought that it was extremely romantic. Their relationship is not easy; how could it be? That’s what makes it so good!

Tracey Ward has the knack for writing intelligent, entertaining, comedic, adventurous and romantic stories that will keep you turning the pages. I almost forgot, she also has the ability to make you cry while you’re reading her books. Yup, I cried twice during this book…big fat tears were rolling down my cheeks! I will definitely be reading the sequel when it is released!

4.5 Stars

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Sleepless (Bird of Stone)
 By Tracey Ward