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Do you believe in magic? You will after you read this book. Jay Fields is an illusionist, a trickster, a master of the art of deception and he will captivate you from the moment you start this book until the very last page!

Matilda is a real woman! She is insecure, unlucky in love, working in an unfulfilling job…she is someone that readers can relate to. She is a romantic at heart who dreams to find her one, true, epic love. She thinks that he could very well be hiding out in the world of online dating…yikes!

When Jay and Matilda’s paths cross, she has no idea of what type of a journey she will be embarking on. Jay has been accused of killing a man and he needs a lawyer. His name has been slandered and he is not taking this lightly. He is out for revenge, not only to defend his name, his career, and his reputation, but he also wants it for those that he cares about the most.

Jay and Matilda develop a unique friendship. There is a definite attraction between them. He is charismatic and sexy as hell and Matilda can’t help but fall victim to his obvious charms. Jay enjoys spending time with Matilda, even if it’s just to watch her sew her dresses. In some respect, she soothes his restless mind. The chemistry between these two characters is astronomical. To say that there is a high degree of sexual tension between the two of them would be a definite understatement.

Matilda is not only mesmerized by Jay’s charm, but she is also curious about the mystery behind the man. He is very secretive and doesn’t want to share too much information with her about his case. He attempts to keep his feelings for her at bay until his court case is over. This does not bode well for a woman who has put her heart out on the line. Rejection, no matter the reason, is still rejection!

L.H. Cosway has created a brilliant cast of characters that you will fall in love with immediately. The story is unique, crafty, witty, mysterious, suspenseful…and romantic. She has woven such an intricate story of revenge and magic that left me in awe. This was far beyond any romance book that I have read in quite a while.

*5 Stars*

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Six of Hearts - By L.H. Cosway