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This book comes with a very strong and warranted warning.  If you are easily offended, do not read Sick Bastards.  While I typically try to keep my reviews to a “family friendly” tone, I felt that this book deserved something a little different.  So again, if you are easily offended, please don’t read my review…because you shouldn’t read Sick Bastards.

The Fuck, Dude?!

Sick Bastards pushes the envelope, tears it up and now you need to find a bigger box to put your new boundaries in.  It starts off with a bang and never really stops in its efforts to shock and offend.

Matt Shaw has created more than just extreme horror that made me want to puke in my own mouth a couple of times.  Sick Bastards takes a long hard (pun intended) look at humanity.  It examines how quickly we can lose, or throw away our moral compass.  Does the end justify the means?

I’ll be honest, I was shocked, disgusted and strangely amazed at how much Matt Shaw was able to pack into 231 pages.  So much so, that I immediately put all of his books into my TBR.  I will have to wait for just the right moment, when my stomach settles down enough to dig into another.

Sick Bastards is not for everyone, but if you’re ready to push your boundaries, Fuckn’ A.

*5 Stars

Sick Bastards 

By Matt Shaw