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Shattered Hourglass picks up with Kil’s story right where Beyond Exile left us off.  Kil is on a submarine headed to China to extract “Chang”, the source of the virus that has decimated the world population.  He has left all of his Hotel 23 friends behind on the carrier except for Saien, he needs someone to cover his back.

Shattered Hourglass marks an important change in the series.  The journal format of the first two book is gone, except for a few small sections.  Kil’s journal format was something that set the Day by Day franchise apart from the cornucopia of books in the post-apocalyptic genre.  The transition was well done and necessary.  Kil is not alone in the world, and there are other parts to the story that must be told and are key to putting Shattered Hourglass together and making it complete.

I don’t think that there is anyone who can question J.L. Bourne’s knowledge of the military equipment and technology prevalent throughout the book, I certainly cannot.  As a layperson, I found it a bit heavy on the technical side, but it brings Kil to life as a military guy, for whom these items and terms are part of his everyday life.

As for Kil, he’s a fantastic character.  I have followed him through the first two books and now have seen his journey through to the end.  He has grown as a character throughout the series.  Kil has always valued life and has never hesitated to help others, but now in Shattered Hourglass, he has realized that some sacrifices must be made for the greater good.

This was an excellent end to one of my favorite P.A. series.  But I do see the possibility left open for more adventures should J.L. Bourne decide to go that route.

4 Stars

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Shattered Hourglass

(Day by Day Armageddon #3)

By J.L. Bourne