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​​Ever since I first came across Security, there was something intriguing about the book; it has a “big brother” aspect about it that piqued by interest.  I downloaded the sample, something I would recommend, and was captivated and strangely intrigued by the point-of-view from which the story was told.

I find it strange to say that the point-of-view was the best part of the book.  It is told in first person, but who is this person?  I ran with many theories as I continued through the story.  The narrator has omnipotent knowledge, and complete access to everything going on within the Manderley Resort and its grounds, yet does nothing to influence what is going on.

Wohlsdorf has created a unique premise with her cast of characters being hunted through the hotel as they are in their final preparations for the grand opening.  The story was filled with some great twists and turns.  It kept my interest and I wanted to know who was responsible for all of this mayhem.

My biggest issue with Security was with the characters.  I just didn’t care.  I don’t know if I was just preoccupied with the narrator or if they were just lacking in development.  Perhaps, as in any slasher movie, I knew that they would all have to go eventually.

The strength of Security lies squarely on the narrator.  Who is it?  Well, the question does get answered, and it all comes together then.  If you like to try new perspectives within a good story, Security could be a great change of pace.

*4 Stars


By Gina Wohlsdorf