I remember the days when my bedroom walls were covered in posters and magazine cut-outs of my favorite singers and bands, watching music videos, and dreaming about what it would be like to meet them.  Rocked Up takes this familiar adolescent fantasy and brings it to life within the pages of Lael and Brad’s story. 

Lael Ramsey is living out her dream.  She’s been given the opportunity to tour with one of her favorite bands as their new bassist.  What makes this gig even sweeter is that she will be playing alongside of her teenage crush, Brad Snyder.  Of course, Lael is more mature than the fourteen-year-old girl who swooned every time she laid eyes on him or heard him sing, but that doesn’t make this opportunity any less thrilling.  This is the chance of a lifetime, something that she has worked for, practiced relentlessly for.  Her talent speaks for itself.  She deserves this spot in the band, despite the fact that she is also the daughter of the CEO of Ramsey Records.  Unfortunately, her dear old dad has only allowed her to have this opportunity as a way of satisfying her curiosity, letting her experience it for herself so that she can move on to better things – outside of the music industry.

Brad Snyder has hit the big time with his band, And Then.  He went from being a lonely, poor kid to being the lead in one of the most popular bands.  After his talent had been brought to the attention of Ronald Ramsey, Brad’s life was changed.  But just like Lael, Brad’s life is constantly under the controlling, watchful eye of Ronald Ramsey.

Rocked Up is told in alternating chapters from Lael and Brad’s perspectives.  I enjoyed this aspect of the book.  It allows the readers to get a better understanding of each of the characters, to feel their emotions, to see the story unfold from both of their points of view.

I will admit, Brad was a refreshing rock star.  He was doing what he loved, but he was not living the rock star lifestyle.  Yes, the media was spinning their own tales of Brad Snyder, but it was all just manufactured gossip to keep him current and in the public eye.  He wasn’t drinking or partying all the time, he wasn’t destroying hotel rooms, he wasn’t sleeping with different women with every stop of the tour bus.  Brad was a lonely, vulnerable, sensitive man who still had trouble shedding the image of the boy he once was.

Lael and Brad had great chemistry.  The more time they spent together, the deeper they fell.  Despite Ronald Ramsey’s threats if they became romantically involved, Lael and Brad couldn’t help but succumb to their attraction. 

Rocked Up is a fun, lighthearted romance that showcases the musical love and knowledge of the authors.  While it does have a forbidden element to it, it isn’t filled with angst or tension.  It is an entertaining read with characters that you will be cheering for from beginning to end.

​*4 Stars

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Rocked Up

By Karina Halle & Scott MacKenzie