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This was the book that I was waiting for! Having read all of the previous books in the Sulfur Heights Series, I came to know and love the Evans brothers. Jeremy Evans was the one brother that always remained somewhat of a mystery. He was the quieter brother, the milder mannered brother, the brother who kept to himself. I knew that there was something brewing inside of him, some secrets that were going to finally be revealed and I couldn’t wait to find out!

M.S. Brannon delivered another fabulous installment to this series. I have been a Sulfur Heights junkie right from the first book and I have been gladly feeding my addiction ever since! Investing time in a series makes you feel as though you know all of the characters. I have the seedy, filthy, crime infested town of Sulfur Heights pictured in my mind. I have smiled, gasped, cried, and loved right along with all of the members of the Evans family. I was so ready to step inside of the mind of Jeremy Evans.

The Evans family has seen its share of misfortune, tough breaks, and heartbreak. Jeremy Evans is no exception. His actions and his choices have wreaked havoc in his family life. Despite his good intentions to help his family get out of the cesspool which is Sulfur Heights, he turned to the one thing that his brothers were so adamantly against. He is a criminal who has done the unthinkable and now he is paying the price.

Upon his release from prison, Jeremy heads back to his hometown and to his family. He realizes that the road to forgiveness will be a bumpy one, but his family has always meant the world to him and he wants nothing more than to connect with them again.

His brothers weren’t the only people left behind when Jeremy was sentenced to prison. Cami was a light that shone in Jeremy’s otherwise dark world. They had a friendship, a connection, a bond, and an attraction to each other despite what was occurring around them. He wanted nothing but peace, security, and happiness for Cami and he would sacrifice anything to make sure that she got it.

The things that I learned about Jeremy shocked me. People always say that you have to watch out for the quiet ones…and I guess they are absolutely right. He had a lot of anger, rage, and hate festering beneath his deceptively calm exterior which only complimented his criminal life. Deep inside, he was still the same car loving, family oriented man who just wanted to be accepted back into their lives and find a little slice of happiness.

I truly enjoyed this book. It provided me with a lot of answers to the questions that I had. I am always happy to return to Sulfur Heights, but always sad when that visit comes to an end. Despite the fact that the Evans family may scream dysfunctional at best, they demonstrate that you don’t have to be a conventional family to be a family. They stand by their family members and love them to the extreme.

* 5 Stars * 

Redeemed Love - By M.S. Brannon