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I love it when an author ups the excitement and action as a series moves forward.  Red Tides is a fast paced, edge of your seat book.  Cale has survived the initial outbreak only to find out that the survivors are more dangerous than the zombies.  The story follows Cale as he continues his quest to go home.

Mikhail Lerma keeps his story well-grounded and believable.  He really adds an element of relatability as he goes back and forth between Cale and his wife, Lauren.  As we know from book #1, both have survived…so far.  It was great to see the challenges that husband and wife faced in their attempts to survive and reunite.  Neither one knows for certain that the other is still among the living, but they both refuse to give up on the one they love.

The plot is filled with non-stop thrilling action.  I often found myself having to slow down so that I wouldn’t miss an important turn in the story.  Even the subplots of the secondary characters were well developed, giving the reader an understanding of who they are, and how they too survived.

Most importantly, are the characters.  Cale and Lauren are normal people, thrown into extraordinary circumstances.  Any couple should be able to relate to them and their refusal to give up on one another.  The secondary characters are well done, each one gives us further insight into Cale and Lauren.

With Red Tides, Mikhail Lerma has pushed the boundaries of what you would expect from the “soldier vs zombie” genre.  I will have to wait patiently for the release of book #3.

5 Stars

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Red Tides (Z Plan #2)

By Mikhail Lerma