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You don’t have to be a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre to enjoy Red Hill.  This book goes above and beyond hordes of zombies staggering around and trying to eat brains.  It is about the people who have survived, who are fighting to survive, the relationships that have been forged, and those that have been torn apart. It takes average, ordinary people and puts them in a life or death struggle just to survive the unknown.

Red Hill is told from several character’s perspectives.  It takes you through the outbreak and the chaos through the eyes of different individuals whose paths are inevitably intertwined.  Even though the characters are from different walks of life, they all have one united goal – to live another day.  With Red Hill being the safest place to find shelter and seclusion from the dead, the characters need to work together, trust each other, and adjust to their new surroundings and circumstances.  As a reader, it was easy to find a character to identify with and to make me wonder what I would do if faced with a similar situation.

​This is a fast-paced story that will grab your attention from the first page and keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.  This book has drama, tension, action, emotion, great characters, and a bit of romance.

*4.5 Stars* 
Red Hill - By Jamie McGuire