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Red Devils

(The Front, Book Two)

By David Moody

This is a new-to-me concept, three authors working together on the same project where there is a clear, defined, concise point where one author hands the baton off to the next.  David Moody has grasped the baton handed to him by Timothy W. Long and he is off and running with Red Devils.

The transition from Long’s to Moody’s portion was well-executed; I was brought back into the lives of the characters I knew and was familiar with before being introduced to the new character who is the focal point of Red Devils.  This was crucial in order to maintain the continuity transitioning to a new story in this world, otherwise, it could have felt like a completely new story.

I’ve read a few books by Moody, nine to be precise.  I like the protagonists that he crafts.  Robert Wilkins is no exception, I felt the connection to him.  Wilkins is not your archetypical British 007 hero, he may not even be the best man for the job.  He is just the guy who can get the job done.  Wilkins is in over his head, but he has a job to do and he’s damn well going to do it.

If you read my review of Screaming Eagles, you know that I had some issues with the TLC aspect of the book; rest assured, there are no such problems with Red Devils.  Moody has taken the time to make it right.

Red Devils has given me the taste for more.  I’ll be on the lookout for Craig DiLouie’s leg in this relay.

*4.5 Stars