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Rated Z:  Money Shot

By Brahm Stroker

​I’m a firm believer in mixing it up.  I’ll go from a mystery to dystopian to historical; switching from dark to disgusting to laugh out loud funny.  I love when an author can push my limits and make me say, “Sweet Jesus, did they just do that!?”  Brahm Stroker was going to allow me to penetrate the world of Dick Shooter and Bunny Hole.

I was hoping and anticipating for Rated Z to push my boundaries and shock me.  I don’t know if it says more about the author’s efforts or my expectations, but I was left unfulfilled.  I’ve noticed others were shocked and disgusted, some found it accomplished the goal, others did not.  I felt like such a great premise could have had better execution.

Most zombie books have pretty clear lines between the zombies and the uninfected.  They don’t get along or cooperate.  The zombies exist to infect, and the survivors must battle for their lives.  Rated Z ignores the accepted zombie.  I’m okay with that, but I would have liked a bit more danger, it helps to up the comedic factor.

Rated Z had a captivating concept and I’m sure that the right person will love it.  I was just left with a feeling of wanting more.

*3 Stars