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Rampant picks up right where Torrent left off, or should I say where it left us… dangling, wondering, and pulling our hair out. I could not wait to dive into this book and find out what was going to happen to Alex. Gemma James has written another suspenseful, dark, twisted story that will take you on a psychological ride into the deranged lives of the characters.

Alex has been abducted, mistreated, and sexually abused. She has gone from one captor to another, but this one is far worse and unsettling than the last. Zach is obsessed with Alex. He wants her to love him, to need him, to want to be with him. But he knows that she wants and desires someone else. Zach is insanely jealous…and most likely insane. The lengths that he is willing to go through to have Alex is mind-boggling. The family dysfunction in Rampant has gotten even more amped up.

Alex lives in fear and isn’t sure who she can trust. All she knows is that she felt safe with Rafe. She wants to be with him again. She realizes that he did horrific things to her, but she justifies his actions because she had ruined his life, she had stolen eight years from an innocent man. She knows that he was just seeking retribution. But Rafe is a much different man now than he was in Torrent. Without any recollection of the past eight years of his life, he is shocked to discover what he did and what he is capable of.

I don’t want to delve too far into the story and ruin it for anyone. Rampant will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last. To say that the relationships in the book are deviant and unstable would be an understatement! The story is gripping and filled with twists, turns, jaw-dropping moments…and a whole lot of crazy! I can’t wait to find out what Gemma James has in store for these characters.

*4.5 Stars *

Rampant (Condemned #2) 
Gemma James