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The world that we live in today is one of extreme everything.  It is no longer enough to do something, there has to be a risk factor to make it worthwhile.  John McNee’s Ballador Country House Hotel is the next step in extreme travel.  A hotel that guarantees a ghost-filled nightmare to torment its guests.  I can only imagine the guests bragging as if it were a badge of honor to survive through the night.  It wouldn’t surprise me if there was already a few of these already setting up shop.

John McNee’s concept kept me riveted – I knocked the book out in just a couple of sittings.  It really had that Twilight Zone, what’s real and what’s a dream aspect going for it.  I felt like I was staying at the Ballador with the other guests, trying to grasp on to reality while not knowing.  This is a fantastic tool that works so well in horror.

Prince of Nightmares is filled with some colorful characters, each and every one is unique and well developed; wrapped in enough mystery that I couldn’t quite trust any of them.

John McNee sucked me into a world where dreams and reality crossed over into each other.  A dangerous world that goes well beyond the façade of the Ballador.

Prince of Nightmares felt like a piece of a world that I would like more of.  Just like any great horror story…is this really the end?

*4 Stars

Prince of Nightmares 

By John McNee

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