Mars, the red planet, so close yet so far away.  People have been signing up to go to Mars, they all want to be the first humans to step foot on the closet planet.  I, for one, have zero interest in leaving the atmosphere.  Let’s be honest, if you go there you are NEVER coming back, but I suppose it takes some brave pioneers to expand our horizons.

Duncan P. Bradshaw has decided to apply his twisted mind to exploring our first Mars landing.  What would they do?  What would be the challenges?  Could you get a decent cuppa?

In Prime Directive, we find a completely loathsome bunch of characters, but I suppose after being locked up with five other people for five years straight, I would turn into a bit of a bitch too.  Duncan P. Bradshaw has gone for a seven deadly-ish sins type of story.  We start off with a little bit of pride and envy; with some sloth and gluttony tossed in for good measure.  I couldn’t find the lust – it’s not that kind of book.  But the greed and the wrath really bring the story together.  All of these vices are completely human and usually turn people into monsters.

Writing a simple little seven deadly sins/science fiction story just isn’t enough for this author.  He bills himself as a part-time loon, and he isn’t afraid to show it.  Prime Directive is filled with some fantastic comic situations and a premise that will rock your socks off.

Now, you are going to look at my rating and say, “What the hell, Greg?”  Well, here it is, Duncan P. Bradshaw has written a great little story.  I sat down on a Sunday afternoon and blew right through it.  If you are looking for a fun, quick, shocking story, you’ve got it right here.  For me, it just wasn’t the right point in the space time continuum.  I’m looking to be transported away for a longer adventure.  I wanted more.

*3.5 Stars​

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Prime Directive

By Duncan P. Bradshaw

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