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The Devil’s Share is at the pinnacle of their career.  They are traveling, selling out concert venues, have their pick of women in every city and town.  They are living the rock ‘n’ roll dream.  When their new drummer’s sister and best friend show up at a concert, life for these hard rocking, partying guys is about to change.

Lexi is just thrilled to be visiting her friend Luke, who just so happens to be the newest member of The Devil’s Share.  Lexi wasn’t there to have a romp with any of the band members, she was there to hang out with her friends.  Dash, the lead singer, is more than a little interested in becoming Lexi’s new friend, but she’s not proving to be quite as easily persuaded as some of his prior conquests.

Lexi can’t help but be attracted to the tatted up, charming rocker.  Despite their obvious chemistry, and his attempts, Lexi insists that she is not like one of his groupies.  She requires more effort and attention on his part before she is willing to just fall into bed with him.  Dash has never been so taken by a woman before, and he is more than up for the challenge! 

Play Nice is a fast paced novella that dives right into the story.  With humor, drama, mishaps, and plenty of steamy scenes, the book has many elements that make for an interesting rock star romance.  As with any shorter length book, I always find myself wanting to know more about the characters and what makes them tick. 

This is a quick, entertaining read that I enjoyed from start to finish.  With the romance, the hijinks, the camaraderie between the characters…and of course, Dagger, I will be looking forward to continuing this series and discovering more about these bandmates!   

​*4 Stars

Play Nice
(The Devil's Share #1)
By L.P. Maxa