Pandora:  Outbreak

By Eric L. Harry

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​This is a tough review to write.  I’m always on the lookout for something different and unique in the post-apocalyptic universe.  Pandora seemed to tick off all of the boxes; sometimes there is simply a failure to connect the product offered by the author to the product desired by the reader.

I can’t and won’t take anything away from Harry’s skill as an author.  Pandora was well-written and had intriguing characters; I had a few chuckles with them along the way.

So what went wrong?  Pandora simply did not give me the apocalypse that I was looking for.  The entire story seemed to revolve around the laboratory and the boardroom (a bored room, from my perspective).  It was all talk with little to no action.  Now when I look back at the synopsis, I can see that perhaps I should have expected that.  I just assumed that Harry would put me in the midst of the action more frequently.

With roughly an hour left in the book, I almost gave up, DNF-ed.  I kept waiting for the action to begin, it never did.  I have a feeling that the second book in the series will visit the frontlines, and I’m certain that Harry will do a top-notch job with the remainder of his story; this story will go on without me.  He had 288 pages to make me care.  I don’t.

*3 Stars