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One Second After 

By William R. Forstchen

​​​One Second After is a book that hits the reset button.  An EMP has devastated America, all the technology that we take for granted has become completely useless.  It’s difficult to imagine what life would be like in this scenario.  No more cell phones, no more computers, no more McDonald’s greasy hamburgers.  Do any of us have the skill sets necessary to survive?

Forstchen has painted a vivid picture of what this life could be like:  the problems that our society would face, how we might work together, and how we would turn on each other.  It is a terrifying prospect.

“You shouldn’t have to tell your kid to go out and play with the dog, but stay away from the men Daddy shot during the night, because your beloved golden might suddenly look at them as a meal.”

This is a book that made me think.  It made me think about just how fragile our infrastructure is, how seriously the people we put in power really take our safety and security, and how I would fit in with the rebuilding of our civilization.

Forstchen caught my interest with the concept, but he brought the book up a couple of notches with the characters.  The story followed John and his family, but the plethora of supporting characters were equally important.  Forstchen made me care about all of them.  I’m man enough to admit, I cried for characters I couldn’t even name.

Some might find One Second After to be nothing more than right-wing fear mongering propaganda; let’s be honest, you find whatever you want in a book.  I found a thought provoking story with characters that I cared about.  And I seriously hope that this never becomes more than just a story.

*5 Stars

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