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By Joe Hill

Hey boys and girls, want to go for a ride to Christmastown? Mr. Manx has a fancy car and he would love to take you there.

In my personal opinion, NOS4A2 was completely flawless. The thought process to pull everything together is something that is rarely seen in a book of this size. The characters are so well developed, I feel like I know them personally and am connected to them. Joe Hill has done an excellent job of pulling everything together to create a masterpiece of fiction. He has taken that old expression, “the truth is stranger than fiction”, stomped on it, spat in its face, and said, “Oh yeah, I’ll show you strange!”

This is one of those books that I can see some crazy producer turning into a feature film, but leaving much of the details out and not doing the story justice. Although I would go to see it, to see Vic, Lou, Manx, Bruce Wayne and Christmastown brought to life.

*5 Stars